Macua Studios is an indie game studio founded by Gonzalo Alvarez and Genaro Vallejo Reyes. Our team developed Gonzalo’s first game Borders through a 7-day long game jam.

Inspired by Gonzalo’s parent’s immigration story of crossing the border, Borders soon received international attention from prestigious sources such as the Washington Post, Telemundo and NOW THIS leading up to its selection to display at various locations including Indiecade Showcase at E3 and Sheffield Doc/ Fest.

Now that we are on the map our vision is to begin creating culturally significant games and fill the void of diversity in gaming.


gonzGonzalo Alvarez (Gonzzink)- Creative Director/Game Designer

Gonzalo Alvarez is an Illustrator, Game Designer and founder of Macua Studios. With only a background in 2D art, he decided to go head first into indie game development and hit jackpot with his first game jam reaching international success. Now on the map, he works to create culturally significant and beautiful games to the industry.


Genaro Vallejo Reyes –  Project Manager

After years working as a Veterinarian in Mexico, Genaro decided to follow his dreams and become a game developer. Now based in New York, Genaro is a fully-fledged game designer and project manager, and one of the lead developers and key collaborator on Gonzzink’s game Borders.