The Codex: Mictlan is an Aztec Codex brought to life.

In this 2D action-platformer players must complete the journey through the 8 levels of the Mictlan, the Aztec underworld, in order to put their souls to rest.

Codex Mictlan 1

Awakening in a strange cave, Kalchi an Aztec warrior must overcome a river full of electric lizards, an obsidian knife mountain, a bloody forest of heart hungry felines, and more on his journey to meet Mictlantecuhtli, the lord of the dead, and rest his soul.

Kalchi will be tested by the gods guarding every level and must utilize various Aztec weapons including the Macuahuitl (Obsidian blunt sword) and Mecatl (rope) in order to survive and prove his worth.

Explore the beautiful 2D-handrawn artwork by Illustrator and Designer Emmanuel Valterria in this Aztec codex inspired world. Players will traverse stunning landscapes meeting colorful gods and characters that have only existed in ancient illustrations up till now.

Game features:

  • Vibrant 2D Aztec Codex Illustrations come to life
  • Use the blood of fallen enemies to unlock powerful abilities
  • Utilize traditional Aztec weapons to traverse through the 8 unique levels of the Mictlan
  • Find the hidden cacao to unlock new items and make your journey a little easier.


Codex mictlan 2

Codex Mictlan 3

The game is currently in development with a release date of 2019-2020.

Emmanuel Valterria- Game Artist, Art Director

Gonzalo Alvarez – Animator, Creative Director, Game Designer

Genaro Vallejo Reyes- Project Manager, Game Designer, Unity Developer

Anthony Misael Robledo- Game Programmer

Keven Tran- Game Programmer, Technical Artist

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