Teotlán: Land of Gods

Teotlan Cover Art Macua Studios.png

The Mesoamerican future is at your hands!

In Teotlán: Land of Gods, you pick one of the 20 available gods and battle against the opponent leader divinity to be the Supreme Leader of Teotlán!

Will you be a benevolent god and use cacao to protect your servants and get more allies to your cause? Or you will be a blood god that uses sacrifices to crush the opposition and win through sheer force?

Power, Sacrifice, Divinity… Rule the pantheon of Teotlán!

The card battle game features elements of deck building, resource management and unique combat system that blends both engaging game mechanics and the central theme of the war of cacao and sacrifices.

The game was created and designed by Genaro Vallejo Reyes, and ilustrated by Gonzalo Álvarez.

This game is currently in development, working on the last sessions of playtesting and the final artwork. We are hoping to release the game internationally by the end of the 2018.